Hello, my name is Pentz Ricks.  I was born and raised in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I came to California in 1993 on a College Scholarship and remained here to raise my two beautiful daughters. I come from a very "big family" I have 9 brothers and 1 sister. My "Mommie" was always there for us growing up and is the biggest influence in my life still to this day. She is a very strong, independent and loving mother. I had a great childhood, growing up I was born into a family with many different talents. Being raised in a family with 11 children, I was taught at an early age to use all the talents around me to bring out my own talents and abilities to excel in whatever I put my mind to. My "Mommie" loved to cook and from as early as I can remember I loved to watch, help and most of all "taste" the many dishes she created. Because of this my love for cooking and BBQ evolved. I have a different southern style of cooking. I get a little from my "Mommie", Sister, Aunts and Grandma then I put my own twist on everything I create. I bring a taste and flavor that you have never had before.  I invite you to find the time to indulge in my cooking and BBQ and to share with your family and friends. I thank you for the love and support in my passion and dream. 

Ricks Southern Style Catering

Phone: (209)230-3361

E-mail: rickssouthernstylecatering@yahoo.com


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